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ATS CRM Outlook Integration

This add-on is a valuable tool, as it streamlines workflow and makes your workday more productive.

Outlook Integration

COMPAS Technology is happy to share our ATS CRM Outlook Integration! This feature makes it much easier for Outlook users to update COMPAS profiles right from their inbox.


The integration between COMPAS and Outlook gives you the ability to Outlook Add In_Shadowsync emails directly from Outlook straight into the COMPAS profiles of those included in the email message. This add-in is a valuable tool, as it streamlines workflow and makes your workday more productive.

How it Works

In order to take advantage, all that needs to be done is to download a zip file (which can be found within the Learning Center), save to your desktop, run the setup.exe and before you know it, your Outlook email is capable of syncing all emails to COMPAS.

Import Candidates

With the new Import Applicant feature, you can easily parse a candidate’s resume from an email attachment. This will utilize the predefined required fields that you have setup in COMPAS, which makes it easier to maintain control over the entry process.

Create New Companies & Contacts

When you receive an email from a new contact, or the contact information of a new contact, you can create a profile in COMPAS directly from Outlook. If the company of the new contact already exists within COMPAS, simply choose the existing company and the new candidate. However, if the candidate comes from a new company, just add into COMPAS as you normally would.

Create a Job Order

If a new position has been emailed to you and you would like to create a job from the attached details, you may do so directly from Outlook. This feature will come in handy for those of you that are working with VMS providers.

Sync Emails

You are able to easily sync email attachments to corresponding profiles.

View Profiles

Often you receive an email from a contact or candidate and you want to quickly pull-up their information within COMPAS. Now you can. Just click on the eye glass icon and you will be routed directly to the corresponding record within COMPAS.

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