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ATS CRM Integration with Sage

Fluidly send payroll and invoicing data right to your Sage account without having to leave COMPAS!

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About the Integration

COMPAS Technology offers a direct ATS CRM Integration with Sage to simplify your payroll and invoice processing. Without having to leave the COMPAS platform you can start the payroll process, and fluidly send payroll and invoicing data right to your Sage account.

The Integration Process

Once workers have submitted their hours into COMPAS, simply approve their time and with the click of your mouse, effortlessly export COMPAS timesheets right into Sage. Now that all of your timesheet data is synced, you can process payroll and create invoices.

And because your payroll information is automatically transferred between both systems, you can rest assured that all your data and information is up-to-date.

About Sage

Sage payroll software will help you improve business efficiency by giving you control over your payroll process and sensitive employee data, ensuring your people are paid correctly and on time. Their solutions can help you and your people become more productive by managing recruitment, training, development and performance.


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