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ATS CRM Gmail Integration

Automatically sync your @gmail.com emails directly to the COMPAS profiles of

those included in the message.


About the ATS CRM Gmail Integration

The integration between COMPAS and Gmail gives you the ability to sync your @gmail.com emails directly to the COMPAS profiles of those included in the message. One may wonder why such a feature is so great, and the answer is simple: it streamlines the workflow of our users and makes their days more productive.

How it Works

In order to take advantage of Gmail/COMPAS sync, all that needs to be done is to validate an email add-in within your Gmail account and you’re set to sync! Let’s use an inbound email as an example:


  1. You receive an email
  2. You open the email (deem it as an email you would like to add to a COMPAS profile)
  3. Click the COMPAS icon, which you will find next to the reply arrow
  4. And BAM! The correspondence is added to the profile(s) within COMPASsyncandsendHowto1

Will this clutter my Gmail interface?

It sure won’t. COMPAS understand the importance of functionality, both mechanically and visually, so we made certain that this add-on coincides organically with overall aesthetics of your Gmail interface. The integration does add a couple additional to your inbound and outbound emails, but they are very minor. When composing an email you will see a red “Sync and Send” button tucked nicely next to Gmail’s blue “Send” button. With received emails, you will notice a perfectly sized COMPAS mark next to your Gmail reply arrow. The ability this feature gives you to quickly document email correspondences is one that we here at COMPAS know you will love.

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