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All New Profiles

All new COMPAS profiles will give your business a competitive edge by providing Recruiters and Hiring Managers with unparalleled functionality.

COMPAS Dashboard

COMPAS takes great pride in innovating on the application platform in order to deliver best-in-class value for all of our customers. Continuing in the spirit of innovation, we are extremely happy to introduce all new profile screens for candidates and contacts. We’ve made a bunch of usability and productivity updates we’re confident you and your team will love!


Our research has found three key metrics where recruiting efficiency can be positively affected: application responsiveness, data visibility, and UI flexibility. COMPAS has redesigned the profile screens to capitalize on each of these key metrics and our studies have shown considerable improvements in usability and productivity as a result.


Our new profiles give you the control to personalize your experience so that you can view what you want, how you want, and get the information you need… fast. By having information where you instinctively look for it, the flow of your recruiting process benefits tremendously.


COMPAS’s new profiles mean that you’ll move through the recruiting process in a more fluid and productive way.

Key Features

Quicker Actions: Candidate profiles have the Applicant’s most current stage for their latest position and suggests the next course of action based on your organization’s stage settings.


Flexibility: Every section in the profile can be dragged and dropped from left to right, and top to bottom. You can truly make the profile fit to your process to see the most important information.


Visibility: You can now view the candidate’s resume while entering a task or activity for the Applicant.


Intuitive Layout: View job and Applicant activities in a single list so that you can get a better view of the Applicant’s progression as they move through the hiring process. Activities are presented in news feed format making for an easy-to-read narrative.


We’ve simplified the process of identifying and placing candidates by starting with the user. COMPAS recognizes that each of our customers work differently, so by embracing this notion, we have designed the new profiles to bring your recruiting process front and center. COMPAS allows you to adjust and configure the system to match your workflow which makes using the application truly instinctive.

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