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Do you have what it takes? 

We’re true believers in the power of the web and how it connects people to content. Do you want to apply your talents for something big? Do you want the chance to make a difference every day? Would you like to be part of something that everybody’s talking about?

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What kind of people work at COMPAS?

We are passionate about making software that delivers satisfaction of our clients and partners. As a privately held company we answer only to our customers – not shareholders – which means that everyone we serve has a single point of contact, assuring unsurpassed customer success. We stand behind our work and guarantee hassle free set-up, deployment, scalability and product improvements. So our customers can rest easy and focus on their business not software.

Our advantages

Change feels good.

We are changing an industry. Every person on our team has a direct impact and voice in the progress we make.

We win together.

With the right people and team chemistry, we create the best recruiting products and services for our customers. Every win is a team win.

Pride in product.

Our customers’ businesses rely on our products. We appreciate and acknowledge their trust in us, and we repay them by creating the absolute best recruiting products and services available.

Freedom with Independence.

New ideas and processes are what keep us moving forward. Our team members must have freedom to make quick decisions and take risks.