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  • Upgraded Reporting Dashboard

    COMPAS has made some exciting new changes to the Reports Tab, which now provides a lot more functionality.

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  • Mentions Are Now Available

    COMPAS now provides you with the ability to send email notifications to other users from almost anywhere in the system.

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  • New Job Details 2.0 Webinar

    In case you were unable to make our webinar demonstrating the new Job Details application, you can view it here.

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  • COMPAS Mobile Recruiting App

    Drive your recruiting process through COMPAS’s mobile recruiting platform. Our app plays nicely with iOS, Android, iPad and other touch screen devices.

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  • New Job Board Integrations

    Job Boards Integration_FI

    COMPAS announces three additional partnerships that will foster a more efficient job posting and quality candidate experience process.

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  • Integration with ZipRecruiter

    ZipRecruiter Integration_FI

    The integration between COMPAS and ZipRecruiter gives users the ability to seamlessly post jobs to ZipRecruiter’s marketplace right from within COMPAS.

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  • Top 50 Software Company

    Top Software Company 2018_FI

    COMPAS Technology is excited to announce that we have been recognized by G2 Crowd as number 38 on their Best Software Companies 2018 list.

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  • LinkedIn Job Wrapping Webinar

    Linkedin Job Wrapping Webinar_FI

    In case you were unable to make our webinar demonstrating the integration between COMPAS and LinkedIn Job Wrapping, you can view it here.

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  • Google Job Search Integration

    The Google Job Search Integration optimizes your COMPAS careers page so that your job listings will appear in Google for Jobs search results.

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  • COMPAS Search 2.0

    Search 2_0 FI

    Nothing simplifies recruiting quite like attracting candidates to your jobs page. As such, COMPAS has enhanced our careers pages to do just that.

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  • Back Office Webinar

    Back Office Webinar_FI

    In case you were unable to make our webinar showcasing the features and functionality of COMPAS’s Back Office, you can view it here.

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  • Enhanced Back Office 2.0

    COMPAS enhances their Back Office capabilities

    COMPAS’s Enhanced Back Office 2.0 has been redesigned to optimize workflows and give management more insight into the successes of business operations.

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  • Spotlight Search Webinar

    Spotlight Search Webinar_FI

    In case you were unable to make our webinar demonstrating the power of COMPAS’s automated sourcing tool, Spotlight, you can view it here.

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  • COMPAS, An ATS Leader

    COMPAS An ATS Leader_FI

    COMPAS knows how you recruit and have applied that to every facet of our product, offering the most comprehensive ATS on the market.

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  • LinkedIn Job Wrapping

    LinkedIn job wrapping and COMPAS

    If you utilize LinkedIn to post jobs, then you will be very happy to hear that COMPAS now offers a direct integration with LinkedIn Job Wrapping.

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  • Come See Us at TechServe!

    Come See Us at TechServe_FI

    COMPAS will be exhibiting at this year’s TechServe Alliance conference and we would love to see you! Pop by Booth #223.

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  • New Contractor Timesheets

    Getting contractors to submit timesheets on-time starts with an intuitive and accessible time & attendance system.

    A streamlined process, quick approvals, and unified purchase order processing via COMPAS’ fully automated and mobile Time & Attendance System.

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  • Text Recruiting Enhancements

    Integrated text messaging

    To make COMPAS SMS even more powerful, we have released two significant enhancements to our integrated text recruiting feature.

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  • Master Boolean Search

    Master boolean search

    Mastering Boolean search operators and modifiers give you the power to tell search engines to go find the exact candidates you’re looking for.

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  • COMPAS Ranked #1

    COMPAS ATS ranked number 1

    G2 Crowd, a leading business software review platform, has released its Top Staffing Software for Mid-Market report and COMPAS is ranked #1.

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  • Enhanced Back Office Tools

    COMPAS enhances their Back Office capabilities

    To reduce the pain points associated with approving timecards, creating invoices, and processing payroll, COMPAS has enhanced our Back Office.

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  • HR Cloud Onboard Partnership

    COMPAS ATS partners with HR Cloud

    In our ongoing effort to streamline the day-to-day of recruiting professionals, we are pleased to announce a key partnership with HR Cloud Onboard.

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  • COMPAS’ CRM Webinar

    COMPAS CRM Webinar_FI

    In case you were unable to make our webinar demonstrating the bells and whistles of the new COMPAS CRM, you can view it here.

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  • It’s Time For an ATS

    COMPAS is a powerful ATS

    To be a top producing recruiting firm, an intuitive applicant tracking system will ensure that your team is competitive. It’s time for an ATS.

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  • Onboard with Adobe Sign

    COMPAS ATS integrates with Adobe Sign

    Our enhanced integration with Adobe Sign automatically populates forms and contracts so that you can complete the onboarding process in no time.

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  • Enhanced QBO Integration

    COMPAS ATS integrates with Intuit Quickbooks

    By synchronizing payroll data between COMPAS and QBO, our integration will reduce the time it takes to process time cards and distribute invoices.

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  • Our New CRM

    COMPAS's powerful CRM

    Our new CRM has been redesigned to be faster and more intuitive, increasing the time you spend recruiting talent and engaging with contacts.

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  • Text Recruiting Webinar

    Text Webinar_FI

    In case you were unable to make our webinar around the power of COMPAS Technology’s integrated text messaging solution, you can view it here.

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  • Talener Selects COMPAS

    Find candidates faster with COMPAS Talent Search

    COMPAS Technology announces that Talener, one the best full service IT staffing agencies in the business, has selected COMPAS as their ATS.

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  • Improve ATS Adoption

    COMPAS Applicant Tracking System

    With change comes resistance which is why it’s vitally important to go the extra mile to make ATS adoption as easy and stress-free as possible.

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  • David Aplin Selects COMPAS

    Find candidates faster with COMPAS Talent Search

    COMPAS Technology is pleased to announce that David Aplin Group, one of Canada’s most accomplished recruiting firms, has selected COMPAS as their ATS.

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  • Careers Page 2.0

    Attract candidates with the COMPAS Careers Page

    Nothing simplifies recruiting quite like attracting candidates to your jobs page. As such, COMPAS has enhanced our careers pages to do just that.

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  • Agenda For The Holidays


    With the break in your usual recruiting to-do’s during the holidays, go ahead and utilize this lull in activity to build relationships and forecast 2017.

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  • Integrated Two-Way Texting

    New Talent Search Press Release

    COMPAS Technology, an enterprise cloud-based ATS/CRM platform, releases integrated two-way text messaging, giving you the power to recruit via SMS.

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  • A New Interview Approach


    A new interview approach: apply SWOT methodology to your interview style and gain unique insight into your candidates as both employees and people.

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  • Tips for Effective Onboarding

    Tips to onboard new hires

    1 in 25 quit their new job as a result of inadequate or nonexistent onboarding. In this article, you will learn the tips for effective onboarding.

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  • Integrated Text Messaging

    Integrated text messaging

    Unlike other applicant tracking systems, with COMPAS Text Recruiting, two-way text messaging is built directly into our platform.

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  • Creating a Candidate Experience

    Candidate Experience_FI

    The recruiting process is your first impression to candidates and the first chance you have to create a positive view of your company.

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  • Analytics & The Hiring Process

    Analytics and Hiring Process_FI

    Analytics & the hiring process is vital to gain insight into recruiting performance, and to tell you where to spend time and allocate resources.

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  • TalentWise Merger

    TalentWise Merger

    SterlingBackcheck, formerly TalentWise, announced that they will be renaming their company to Sterling Talent Solutions.

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  • Trust Your Candidate Database

    Trust Your Candidate Database_FI

    When a new req comes across your desk – impulsively – the first thing you do is purchase job postings and head to paid job boards to find talent.

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  • Acquiring the Passive Candidate

    Passive Candidate

    By showing a prospect that you took the time to learn and understand their background is key in acquiring the passive candidate.

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  • The Remote Worker

    Is your organization a good fit for a remote workforce

    The remote worker is not a match for every organization so it’s important to compare the pros and cons to see if this hiring method will work for your team.

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  • ATS | CRM Buying Tips

    Make sure your ATS has these features

    It’s important to find software that is a value-add to your organization, so we’ve compiled some ATS | CRM buying tips to lead you to the right software.

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  • Avoid Bad Hires

    Bad Hire_FI

    With 41% of applicants having lied in an interview and 39% submitting an exaggerated resume, it may seem impossible to avoid bad hires.

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  • Stress In The Workplace

    Stress in the Workplace_FI

    The American Institute of Stress found that 43% of adults suffer from stress in the workplace, resulting in 1 hour or more a day in productivity loss.

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  • COMPAS Q1 2016 Wrap-Up

    New Talent Search Press Release

    Building on momentum from a great 2015, COMPAS kicked off 2016 with a set of product innovations that have changed the face of COMPAS.

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  • All New Profiles

    The all new COMPAS profiles give your business the competitive edge by allowing Recruiters and Hiring Managers unparalleled functionality.

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  • Web Presence & Recruiting

    Web Presence and Technology_FI

    We are a virtual world so maintaining an online presence has become a necessary part of our daily routine. If you’re not active online, you’re missing out.

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  • Implementation of Zendesk

    With Zendesk, COMPAS' Success Team’s response time is 43% faster.

    Since implementing Zendesk, COMPAS Customer Success Team’s response time is 43% faster, and boasts an industry leading response time of 9.1 hours.

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  • 8 Recruiting Myths

    8 Myths_FI

    The 8 recruiting myths that frequently arise when recruiting talent ,and as a result, keep your company from thriving are…

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  • Don’t Just Post and Pray

    Dont Just Post and Pray_FI

    This tactic paints your company in a poor light and will have a negative impact on the type of candidates you attract. Don’t just post and pray.

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  • Attract Better Talent

    Attract better talent with a well-written job description

    Application submittals of a well-written job description are 48% higher than the rate of the poorly-written job description. Attract better talent.

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  • COMPAS Board of Directors

    New Talent Search Press Release

    We are pleased to welcome John Lillig and Paul McDonald to COMPAS’s Board of Directors, bringing a wealth of entrepreneurial acclaim.

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  • Visibility Drives Performance

    COMPAS Dashboards feature custom widget functionality

    We believe that visibility drives performance, which is why we designed our new Dashboard to give users a personalized view of their day ahead.

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  • Career Page Metrics

    Career Page Metrics

    To get the most out of job postings you need a Career Page that gives you the ability to track key performance metrics. Some key Career Page metrics are…

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  • New CRM Search

    COMPAS CRM Search

    COMPAS CRM Search boasts intelligent search which is a highly effective and intuitive search engine built-in to the COMPAS platform.

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  • TechServe Alliance Conference

    TechServe Conference 2015

    On behalf of COMPAS Technology, we would like to thank the TechServe Alliance Conference for another exciting exhibition this year.

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  • New Job Manager

    COMPAS Job Manager

    COMPAS’s new Job Manager application enables HR and recruiting teams to have full visibility into the entire recruiting life-cycle.

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  • COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence

    Recruiting analytics

    The COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence platform gives your organization powerful data so that you can drive business forward.

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  • Recruiting Intelligence Platform

    New Talent Search Press Release

    COMPAS Recruiting Intelligence gives Recruiters and Human Resource Executives accurate and powerful data so that they can drive business forward.

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  • Integration with Adobe Sign

    COMPAS integration with Adobe Sign

    COMPAS offers an integration with Adobe Sign Services to send and sync all on-boarding documentation and contracts into COMPAS.

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  • Improve Interview Efficiency

    Interview Guides Blog Post_FI

    Interview Guides simplify the interview process by keeping everyone organized and the interview process moving. Improve interview efficiency.

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  • New Talent Search Engine Launch

    New Talent Search Press Release

    COMPAS has re-designed Talent Search so companies can fully optimize their own database, drastically reducing the cost and time it takes to fill positions.

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  • The Food and Beverage Industry

    The Food and Beverage Industry

    It’s vital for those in the Food and Beverage Industry to utilize a technology that simplifies the constant hiring need and get applicants to apply quickly!

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  • Managing Candidate Engagement

    Why a Talent CRM important

    A Talent CRM simplifies recruiting management, increases engagement, and promotes the development of long lasting candidate relationships.

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  • Stop Dialing and Start Engaging

    Simply dialing the phone and logging activities takes away an average of 2 hours a week of a Recruiters time. Stop dialing and start engaging.

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  • The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill

    StartUp Skill

    A company is only going to be as good as its employees, which is why ensuring that you’re recruiting the best people is a key component to the business plan.

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  • New Talent Search

    COMPAS' new applicant search

    COMPAS’s new Talent Search is focused on search usability, making your database your go-to spot for prospective clients. Find talent 5 times faster.

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  • Cost of Employee Turnover

    How Much Employee Turnover Costs

    Retaining employees is important for many reasons, but do you know how it affects your bottom line? Find out how much employee turnover really costs.

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  • Most Job Board Postings Fail

    Why Postings Fail_FI

    This is an article about why most job board postings fail, and stresses the importance of creating job postings that will resonate with your ideal candidates.

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  • Automated Candidate Search

    Spotlight will search for and find candidate matches right from within your COMPAS account.

    Spotlight is an automated candidate search tool that sorts through thousands of resumes across a multitude of job bards. Spotlight sources for you.

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  • Talent Management Automation

    The COMPAS Talent Manager

    Talent Manager is easier to customize and cooperates seamlessly with your workflow. With the New Talent Manager you will notice fantastic improvements.

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  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online

    COMPAS integrates with QuickBooks Online

    COMPAS is one of the first Applicant Tracking Systems to directly integrate with QuickBooks Online. Speed up invoicing and integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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  • ATS CRM Integration with Sage

    COMPAS integrates with Sage

    Because of COMPAS’s ATS CRM Integration with Sage, you will notice that your payroll and invoice processing will become drastically simplified, allowing you to keep your day moving.

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  • Quality Candidate Experience


    COMPAS Technology recently completed an independent study to get into the minds of candidates and identify what is keeping them from applying to a position.

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  • TalentBin Integration

    COMPAS integrates with TalentBin

    COMPAS Technology announces full integration with TalentBin, the talent search engine that turbo-charges talent discovery across the web.

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  • Backgrounds Online Integration

    COMPAS integrates with Background Online

    We are pleased to announce another key integration that will help streamline your on-boarding process. Welcome Backgrounds Online!

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  • Built-in Video Interviewing

    COMPAS Video Interviewing

    COMPAS Video Interviewing allows you to conduct live webcam meetings without having to download a third party VoIP service.

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  • Candidate Sourcing Tool

    Echo is our candidate sourcing tool that enables you to import candidates from all major professional and social websites. With Echo, sourcing is easy.

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  • Create Interview Kits

    For your next round of interviews, create an Interview Kit to bundle your entire interview process and ensure that your team is prepared.

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  • Integration with Paylocity

    COMPAS integrates with Paylocity

    COMPAS is excited to announce our integration with Paylocity, a leading provider of cloud-based payroll software solutions.

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  • Improved User Interface

    We’re very excited to announce the release of our new user interface. This release is the first phase of several user interface improvements.

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  • Mobile Recruiting Software

    Recruiting doesn’t stop just because you’re away from the office, which is why being able to access your CRM or ATS from a mobile device is a must.

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  • Integration with BambooHR


    COMPAS is happy to announce an Integration with BambooHR, a leading online HR software provider for small and medium businesses.

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  • New Features Coming-up

    Soon, COMPAS will be unveiling a new user interface for our navigation, mobile optimized viewer and real Business Intelligence data.

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  • Food and Beverage Industry


    Due to the economic rebound, the Food and Beverage Industry is seeing a dramatic increase in job opportunities. Is your ATS up to the challenge?

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  • Website Facelift

    We felt there was no better way to ring in the New Year than with an updated look, so we are excited to announce the launch of their new website.

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  • Happy Holiday’s from COMPAS


    COMPAS Technology got into the holiday spirit and created a video that will hopefully fill you with Holiday Cheer. Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!

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  • Hospitality Staffing Software

    A customizable applicant tracking system that is able to adapt to the numerous unique positions within the Hospitality Industry is a must.

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  • Sterling Infosystems Integration

    COMPAS Technology gives you the power to streamline every facet of your employment screening services through our Sterling Infosystems integration.

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  • HR Tech Recap

    We’re back from the 16th Annual HR Technology Conference and we would like to thank the Association for putting together such a wonderful expo.

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  • Social Recruiting

    Social Recruiting

    Via the COMPAS Technology share feature, you now have the ability to automate job posting through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Integration with TalentWise

    COMPAS integrated with TalentWise

    COMPAS Technology further streamlines the employment screening process through our direct integration with TalentWise.

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  • Refer a Customer to COMPAS!

    Refer a Customer

    Many clients ask how they can refer a customer to COMPAS, so we have updated our referral program to make this process easier and rewarding!

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  • ATS CRM Outlook Integration

    COMPAS Technology is happy to announce Outlook Integration! This feature makes it much easier for Outlook users to update COMPAS profiles right from their inbox.

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  • Integration with CareerBuilder


    By combining COMPAS Technology with the CareerBuilder platform it ensures that you will find quality candidates and fill your open positions quickly and efficiently.

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  • Integration to Rigzone

    The integration to Rigzone gives you easy access to Rigzone’s 1.4 million member community, ensuring your pipeline is filled with industry’s top talent.

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  • ATS CRM Gmail Integration

    COMPAS Technology announces a new integration between COMPAS and the Gmail platform, syncing your Gmail emails directly into COMPAS.

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  • ATS CRM Monster Integration

    The ATS CRM Monster Integration combines COMPAS’s recruiting technology with Monsters vast candidate pool to fill your open positions quickly.

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  • Glassdoor Integration

    The Glassdoor.com Integration has resulted in numerous features that will help you find candidates and fill positions quickly and efficiently.

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  • Post Jobs on Juju

    Today COMPAS announced the ability for users to automatically post jobs to Juju.com, a link to millions of jobs found on thousands employer career portals, recruiting websites and job boards.

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  • Sterling National Bank Integration

    The Sterling National Bank integration improves your back office process by providing the ability to automate the transfer of payment and billing information.

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  • Sign New Hires with EchoSign


    Cypress HCM gets candidate on-boarding documents signed, returned, and stored faster than before because they sign new hires with EchoSign.

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